The main provisions of the International Circus festival "Echo of Asia"

I. General Provisions

1. The International Circus Festival "Echo of Asia" (hereinafter - the "Festival") is aimed at the preservation, development and promotion of the best achievements of the world of circus art, expanding the audience presentation about the possibilities of the circus as one of the most important objects in the field of art, raising the status of circus in the community.

2. The objectives of the Festival are the development of international cultural relations, expansion of direct access to the socially significant cultural information, preservation of cultural diversity, increasing the level of professional and performing skills of circus performers, enhancing the aesthetic level of the audience, the formation of the international reputation of "Capital Circus" as one of the centers of active development modern circus arts.

3. The founder of the Festival is the Mayor of Astana, assistance in carrying out activities implemented by the Department of Culture of Astana city. The immediate organizer of the Festival is the GCE "Capital Circus» mayor of Astana (hereinafter - the “Capital Circus”).

4. In order to direct the organization and conduct of the Festival, Organizing Committee is created. The composition of the Organizing Committee shall be approved by an authorized person of the Metropolitan Circus (see. Annex №1).

5. Capital Circus performs activities related to preparation and conducting of the Festival, namely the selection of participants, determination of fees and contracting, the formation program of the festival, travel trips for the organizational issues of the festival, placement (distribution and rotation) and printed advertising products, invitation and accreditation of media, meeting, accommodation and organization of the living conditions of the participants and guests of the Festival, the organization of feeding circus animals involved in the performances in accordance with the prescribed diet, if necessary, medical and veterinary services, the organization of the Festival jury, the formation and implementation of the Festival program.

6. The Department of Culture of Astana city is funding the festival, through the conclusion of the public procurement contract with the obligation of the capital circus, in the organization and conduct of the festival, as well as assisting in the capital circus performance of obligations resulting from the contract. The Department of Culture of Astana, agrees symbols, designs promotional materials (banners, billboards) and the Festival program.


II. Terms and Conditions

7. The festival is held on the basis of the Capital Circus once every year and is dedicated to the "Capital Day" celebration.

8. Period of the Festival: "04" July - "08" July 2018

9. The festival is exemplary and is a complete theatrical circus. Staged representation is based on the Scenario plan. Scenario plan (scenario presentation) are developed by the production artistic team consisting of Director, scriptwriter and producer, engaged by the Capital Circus on the basis of contracts and agreements. In the face of the main Festival program director of the circus is Director of the Capital Circus..

10. The participants of the Festival are the professional public and private circuses in Kazakhstan and abroad, whose circus acts and attractions were selected on the basis of the Capital Circus proposed and selected works.

11. Each participant performs with 2 or 3 performances in the demonstrative program of the Festival. This paragraph does not apply to performances of clowns, whose work is to fill the time gaps between the various circus performances, throughout the circus program.

12. The circus rolled at least 6 (six) times (excluding the general run, rehearsal of the prologue and epilogue of the festival program) for the period of the festival.

13. For performances in the circus for participants of the Festival get a fee.

14. All participants receive a Diploma of participation in the Festival, a thankful letter of the Organizing Committee of the festival and a memorial sign.

15. The organizing committee sends circuses invited to participate in the selection for participation in the Festival. Applications for participation in the Festival Capital Circus accepted within a reasonable time necessary to resolve all issues related to the arrival of the participants at the venue of the festival (Astana, The Republic of Kazakhstan). Festival participants undertake to provide high-quality video footage of their performances. Submitted materials will not be returned.

16. On the basis of the submitted entries performances Organizing Committee selects the circus acts for the festival, and informs the applicants for the inclusion of the proposed performances in the Festival program.

17. Circuses confirm their participation in the Festival and provide to the organizing Committee the following materials: technical conditions required for performance circus, a brief overview of the circus (genre, title, leader of performance, the number of participants). All text materials are accepted in Kazakh, Russian or/and English. Foreign participants prepare for processing the necessary permits for departure and participation of the circus in the festival, the costs associated with the paperwork lying on the organizer of the Festival.

18. On the basis of conformations received from circuses formed the Festival program

19. The Festival is highlighted by local and regional media.


III. Summarizing

20. The Festival has an international jury consisting of five persons (see Annex No. 2).

21. The jury is formed by the Organizing Committee. The jury may not include participants of festival program.

22. The jury determines the Chairman by an open vote

23. The Chairman organizes the work of the jury, preside over the meetings, sign the minutes.

24. At the Festival established the following awards in the following nominations:

- nomination "For the best circus" (Grand Prix of the Festival) - a diploma and a commemorative sign;

- nomination "For contribution to the development of circus art" diploma and a commemorative sign;

- nomination "For high skill and professionalism" - a diploma and a commemorative sign;

- nominated for "Innovation of the Festival" - a diploma and a commemorative sign (awarded for creative search).


25. The jury determines the winners of the Festival in the categories.

26. The decision on the award-winning festival adopted by open voting and issued the relevant protocol. The jury has the right not to award a prize in any of the nominations.

27. The jury, if necessary, has the right to make proposals to the organizing Committee about changing the wording of the categories. Accepted change in wording of nominations recorded in minutes signed by the Chairman of the jury.

28. In the case of an equality of votes the deciding vote the Chairman has the deciding vote.


29. Announcement of the jury's decision is carried out at the closing ceremony of the Festival. Up to this point the jury members should not publicly predict the outcome of the contest.

30. The jury has the right to award additional "Special Jury Prize". Laureate is awarded a diploma and a commemorative sign.

31. By secret ballot of all participants shall be determined by the winner of the prize of the professional audience sympathy. He is awarded a diploma.

32. Government, public and commercial organizations may establish special prizes for the participants of the Festival.

33. All prizes are awarded at the closing ceremony of the Festival.

34. Before closing the festival jury will hold a round table with the participation of the media and circus community, which sums up the Festival.


IV. Financial security

35. Financing of the Festival takes place at the expense of the local budget, sponsorship and fees from the sale of tickets to spectators. Cash proceeds from the sale of entrance tickets to circus performances, held in the framework of the Festival shall be addressed to the revenue of the Capital circus and spent them under financial and business needs of the company.

36. Capital circus expenses on the basis of contracts and agreements in the following areas:

- hotel accommodation for participants of the Festival (or subsistence), guests of the Festival, members of the jury;

- fee for participants (artists); 

- payment of accommodation for participants, jury members, distinguished guests; 

- outbound purchase props based on the technical proposal circus participants;

transport service within Astana; 

- the costs of producing and placing advertising, print and promotional products; 

- office expenses, services of all kinds of communication; 

- payment of costs of the opening and the closing ceremony of the Festival; 

- the cost of the Organization of the cultural program of the Festival; 

- the cost of maintenance of the Festival events;

- visas and other documents required for entry into the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan; 

- animal, baggage allowance and props, to the venue of the Festival (Astana, Republic of Kazakhstan) and back;

- travel expenses for the preparation of the Festival.


37. Parties commit themselves to the following points:

- registration of veterinary documents in accordance with the requirements of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

- the obligation to comply strictly with the requirements of the Washington Convention (CITES) and international instruments for the protection and use of animals;

- compliance with safety and labor protection, both during performances, and during rehearsals;

- compliance with the laws and customs of the Republic of Kazakhstan during the festival, as well as the internal regulations of the Capital circus

Participation of air performances is possible only in the presence of the certificate on the rope snap and act of technical inspection of outboard equipment, dated the current year.


1. The composition of the Organizational Committee.

2. The composition of the selection of the jury.

3. List of the honored guests of the countries-participants of the Festival.

4. The composition of the artists participating in the Festival.

General Director of GCE "Capital circus" E. K. Zholzhaksynov

Participants of the International festival
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